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Declaration of Intent

Whereas, the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
(IRIS) and UNAVCO Inc. are non-profit scientific consortia
established for community-based planning and management of
observational technologies in geoscience – IRIS in the field of
seismology and UNAVCO in the field of geodesy; and

Whereas, both IRIS and UNAVCO are membership organizations with
well-recognized mechanisms for broad community participation,
representation, and oversight; and 

Whereas, both IRIS and UNAVCO are highly successful in the legal,
financial, and operational administration of large observational-
based research-facility programs supported by the National
Science Foundation; and 

Whereas, both IRIS and UNAVCO aim to ensure the broadest and most
thorough scientific review and oversight and to maximize the
scientific results and return on taxpayer investment in geoscience
research and education through the efficient use of pre-existing

We declare our intent to cooperate in strengthening programs and
impact in areas of joint IRIS-UNAVCO interest.

In particular, we intend to:
  • establish a Joint Council, composed of the elected members of the IRIS Executive Committee and UNAVCO Inc. Board, to serve as a forum for effective coordination of activities; and
  • establish joint offices at the UNAVCO and IRIS headquarters
Our collaboration will include, but not be limited to:
  1. cooperation in carrying out community research activities and in the operation of community facilities;
  2. joint workshops and meetings;
  3. cooperation in the development of websites and data management systems for the collection, archiving and distribution of geophysical data to scientists, educators, and the public;
  4. collaboration in education and outreach programs that include K-16 educational programs, and the dissemination of research results and discoveries to the press and general public;
  5. joint negotiation and approval, where appropriate, of international cooperation and interagency agreements.
David Simpson William Prescott President, IRIS President UNAVCO, Inc. Göran Ekström Geoffrey Blewitt Chair, IRIS Chair UNAVCO, Inc. Approved by IRIS Executive Committee and UNAVCO Board – October 2002

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