The GAGE Facility in Boulder, Colorado is the primary operational activity of UNAVCO and exists to support university and other research investigators in their use of geophysical sensor technology for Earth sciences research. The Facility performs this task in part by archiving GNSS/GPS data and data products for current and future applications.

Other data types, e.g., SAR and TLS, that scientists use for Earth deformation studies are also held in the UNAVCO Archive collections. The Facility is funded under multi-year grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Please read about the Archive for an overview of what we do, or see our FAQ for answers to questions about how the GAGE Facility Archive can serve you.

For information or help, please contact the Data Group, or send a comment.


GNSS Data Archive Interface Version 2 (DAI v2)

The Data Archive Interface Version 2 (DAI v2) is our next generation interface for search and access of UNAVCO's GNSS data holdings. Use the DAI v2 to locate data of interest to you using a variety of filters (Metadata, Spatial, and Temporal). You can search for both permanent station and campaign monuments simultaneously, and download data associated with them.

Web Application Our new interface provides powerful and flexible search capability.
Java Command-line clients Download a suite of command line clients that utilize our web services for data search and access.

GNSS Data Archive Interface Version 1 (DAI v1)

The Data Archive Interface Version 1 (DAI v1) provides tools for search and access of UNAVCO's GNSS data holdings.

NOTE: The DAI v1 is no longer in active development. It is being maintained, but our development efforts are now focused on the DAIv2.

Other GNSS Data Search and Access

Data Maps Map tools for spatial representation of sites with GNSS data.
FTP Public RINEX A direct connection to the Facility's anonymous ftp permanent station RINEX area.
(See FTP Server Layout for directory organization.)
GSAC-WS Geodetic Seamless Archive Centers - Web Services (GSAC-WS).
Other Providers Links to other GNSS data sources.

For Educators

GNSS Data for Educators Specially selected data sets illustrating interesting phenomenon.

GNSS Archive Information

About the Archive General information and a bit of history about the Archive.
Data Policy Policy for access to and use of archived GNSS data at the Facility; policy for contributing to the UNAVCO Archive.
Archiving at UNAVCO Read about the Archive's methodology for ingesting GNSS data and metadata and safeguarding the Archive holdings.
Submissions How to make data submissions to the Archive.
unav-data Subscribe to unav-data list serve for announcements from the UNAVCO Archive.
BINEX Documentation for UNAVCO's binary GNSS data format.
Glossary Useful terms and their definitions, such as RINEX, BINEX, 4-character ID, monument, visit, site, GPS week, WGS-84, teqc, Hatanaka compression/decompression, a calendar suite, and many more!

GNSS Data Tools

TEQC Our software for translation of a wide variety of receiver formats, metadata editing, time-windowing and epoch decimation editing, and quality check analysis.
Hatanaka IGS compression/decompression strategy for RINEX observation file.

SAR Archive

SAR Data Archive Main page for the SAR Archive, serving WInSAR and other SAR users.
SAR Data Collections Users need specific authorization to access specific SAR Archive collections.
SAR Archive Status A quick summary of SAR data in the archive.
Apply for SAR Data Access Apply for authorization to access specific SAR Archive collections.
SAR Data Search GUI Use our GUI to search for SAR data and download/order data (with access permissions).
SAR Data Search API Use our API to search for SAR data programmatically.

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