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Data Product Announcement: Updated & Enhanced GPS Products Now Available

PBO velocity field

12 December 2014

We are happy to announce the following updates and enhancements to UNAVCO GAGE GPS data products.

  • Updated network velocity estimate (*.VEL files). These files provide long-term velocity estimates for all stations processed by the GAGE Analysis Centers including the PBO, COCONet, and SCIGN networks as well as NGS CORS stations. The latest versions have late November release dates in their headers (NAM08: 20141121, IGS08: 20141124, SNF01* and IGS05*: 20141125).
  • Updated network velocity KML file. Allows visualization of the above network velocity estimates in Google Earth.
  • Updated network velocities in the UNAVCO GPS velocity viewer. Allows visualization of the above network velocity estimates using UNAVCO’s online viewing tool with user selectable options.
  • Updated station position time series files in *.POS and *.CSV formats. Files released since 2014-11-24 have improved vertical position estimates compared to prior reprocessed versions released in October 2014. (These versions also resolve all issues described in the 2014-11-03 Notice to Users advisory.)
  • A new GPS derived data products web page has been created with links to key resources such as documentation and user advisories in addition to data product access. This page will continue to be expanded further in the coming months.
  • Updated documentation describing GAGE GPS AC/ACC data analysis procedures and products has been provided via the new products web page above.
  • AC/ACC processing files. Copies of the actual processing files used by the GAGE GPS ACC/AC’s to generate the GAGE GPS products, also provided via the new products web page above.

The GAGE GPS Analysis Centers (AC’s) at New Mexico Tech and Central Washington University, and the GAGE GPS Analysis Center Coordinator (ACC) at MIT, analyze data and generate products from more than 1,800 GPS stations in the PBO, COCONet and SCIGN networks as well as selected NGS CORS and other regional stations in middle and eastern North America. Many of the updates and enhancements are related to the recent completion of a major reprocessing effort by the ACC/AC’s. This reprocessing effort increased the spatial scale of previous products by adding 700+ stations to the original PBO analysis stream, and increased the temporal scale of the original PBO analysis stream by analyzing all available station data back to January 1996.

*Note on reference frames: The SNF01 and IGS05 reference frames have been phased out and fully replaced by NAM08 and IGS08, respectively. The VEL files just released will be the final versions generated for the SNF01 and IGS05 reference frames; only NAM08 and IGS08 velocity files will be updated going forward.


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