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Project Highlights 2003 - Easter Island IGS Station Upgrade and Recon

Easter Island (EISL) Permanent IGS Station Upgrade and Reconnaissance

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Dave Stowers
  • UNAVCO Engineer: Oivind Ruud
  • Dates: January 2003
  • Location: Easter Island

The Permanent IGS Station on Easter Island (EISL) is operated by the Center for Space Studies at the University of Chile, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)/NASA and UNAVCO. The station is located at the old Easter Island Laser Station installed by the NASA Space Geodesy Program in 1992.

A site maintenance visit was carried out in January/February of 2003, upgrading the GPS equipment to a new Ashtech Z-Reference GPS receiver and chokering antenna, and installing a new computer (Red Hat LINUX 7.3) and data offload program.

Site reconnaissance was conducted to connect the EISL equipment to the newly installed IRIS VSAT communication link located about 5 kilometers away. This new Internet connection will facilitate real-time 1 Hz data to be transferred back to JPL's processing computers. The new Internet connection is expected to be operational later this spring.


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