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PBO Paso Robles Earthquake Response


December 22, 2003

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred on the Oceanic fault zone in the Santa Lucia Mountains of coastal Central California. The earthquake killed two people and collapsed or severely damaged 40 buildings in the Paso Robles-Templeton area. EarthScope's Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) Transform Site Selection Committee responded immediately by modifying the GPS station-installation plan to record fault movements following the earthquake. For more information on the EarthScope response to the Paso Robles Earthquake click on the image to the right. For more information on recent earthquakes see the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program web page.

PBO Standing Committee request for support

Beginning the day of the earthquake, the PBO Transform Site Selection Working Group elevated the priority of two pre-planned GPS stations (P526 and P067) that lie to the south and east of the earthquake epicenter, allowing for reconnaissance and installation procedures to begin ahead of schedule. Three stations that were slated for Northern California were relocated east and northeast of the earthquake epicenter to enhance the areas coverage. They too were given the highest priority. The quick response to the San Simeon Earthquake has successfully repositioned GPS stations to capture postseismic transients and the longer-term viscoelastic-response to the earthquake.

Station Installations

Five permanent, continuously operating stations were installed between January 5 through 31, 2004. All stations were installed in bedrock using short drill braced monuments, Trimble 5700 GPS receivers with choke ring antennas, and SCIGN domes and mounts. The Trimble 5700 receivers will be replaced with Trimble NetRS receivers and CDMA modems in March of 2004. Click on the map to the right to see station locations with earthquake aftershocks.

Data and Metadata

Data from the stations are downloaded weekly by PBO field engineers. Station data are quality controlled and archived at the UNAVCO Boulder Facility. Raw, RINEX, and QC can be accessed at UNAVCO Data.


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