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Project Highlights 2003 - Taku Glacier, Southeast Alaska

Taku Glacier, Southeast Alaska

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Martin Truffer, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • UNAVCO Engineer: Shad O'Neel
  • Dates: March-September 2003
  • Location: Taku Glacier, Southeast Alaska

Taku Glacier is located in SE Alaska near Juneau. It is currently advancing into proglacial sediments and deforming them into bulges. This advance is studied using a variety of techniques. GPR and radar echo sounding will be used to measure ice thickness. These measurements are compared to earlier ones to quantify excavation of subglacial sediments. Trenches dug into proglacial sediments record deformation patterns in the proglacial sediments, and GPR techniques find the spatial pattern of this deformation. In order to study the temporal evolution of the deformational bulges in front of the glacier several GPS stations were deployed. UNAVCO provided field engineering support and five low power/ high memory Trimble 5700 systems that recorded continuous data through the summer. Tiltsensors dug into the sediments, together with the GPS measurements is expected to provide a spatial and temporal picture of proglacial sediment deformation that is unprecedented.


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