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Augustine Volcano Installation Update (11)


Installation Update:

YAY! Yesterday, crews completed volcano station AV05 and mainland station AC27. Charna Meth helped Tom Corbett and Mike Jackson apply finishing touches on the mainland station while Barrett Friesen and Seth Friedly finished AV05. Some of the VIPs rode along in the helicopter to make minor adjustments to a couple of the finished stations. Later in the day the wind was calm enough, a trip to the summit of the volcano was made where Mike Jackson deployed another USGS campaign station.

Today, crews will be slinging gear back to base camp from a couple of the stations and applying any necessary final touches to the completed stations.

Base Camp Update:

Yesterday, the camera men continued to conduct interviews and record crew members working in the field. While some VIPs were flown around to see more stations, others helped with base camp activities. Nick van der Vink brought back a bucket of small fish after helping Katy Willis fill up water jugs at the fresh water stream (after doing his homework, of course).

Last night, Mike Jackson and Dave Mencin gave a presentation to the NSF and EarthScope guests, explaining the data communication process for the stations that have just been installed on the mainland and volcano. As we walked out of the tent afterwards, we saw foxes roaming around base camp. It seems that the wild animals are getting more comfortable with sniffing around base camp`

Ten people will leave camp today. This morning, Karl Feaux, Dave Mencin, and Steve Borenstein will head back to Homer in a Beaver float plane, and then make their way back to the office in Boulder, Colorado. (We’ll miss having you guys here!) Later this afternoon, the VIPs will pack up and take off in an Otter float plane. It’s been a wonderful experience having everyone on camp and we hope that they’ve all enjoyed their time on the volcano.


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