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Augustine Volcano Installation Update (4)


2:00 p.m.

Yesterday (Friday, September 10, 2004) was definitely the chilliest day so far; clouds covered the volcano keeping the visibility low. By the end of the day, crews had completed the drilling and set up the swing set for site AV02. Sleet-like rain made it hard for workers to keep dry and warm. Needless to say, everyone was very happy to return to base camp at the end of the day.

The AC59 crew on the mainland finished drilling holes and installed one rod into the ground. In addition, the cable has been laid and the swing set is ready to be put up. Although the weather was windy and cool, conditions were not as rough as those at AV02. Fortunately there weren`t any bear sightings, but the crew was visited by a red fox that hung out for most of the day about 15 feet away from the site.

This morning we woke up to an unbelievable sunrise, with smoky pink clouds hovering just above the summit of the volcano. While the upper half of the volcano continues to be surrounded by clouds and fog, it has been beautiful and sunny at base camp. Crews returned to AC59 and AV02 to continue working, and data communication issues were worked on at sites AV01, AV03, and AV04.

Behind the Scenes: Data Communications

As soon as a GPS installation is complete, each receiver transmits data through its own radio to a trailer in Homer owned by the University of Alaska. From there, the data pass through a router and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to make a direct Internet link between the GPS stations and PBO Headquarters at UNAVCO in Boulder, CO. Once at UNAVCO, the data are passed onto Greg Anderson`s Data Management/Information Technology Group. Jim Wright, the PBO Data Flow/Archive Software Engineer, goes through the data to ensure that the downloads are successful and then passes the data on to the PBO Archives, from which they can be accessed by the community.

Behind the Scenes: Base Camp

Colleagues learn not to mess with Steve Borenstein when arriving home from a difficult day in the field (see photograph). Cook Willis starts to dig a new hole for the latrine; she then goes to the kitchen to make Smores for dessert. If crew members fall sick, we will all know why.


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