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Augustine Volcano Installation Update (6)


A crew headed over to the mainland yesterday to take a look at the proposed location for AC27. Due to bad bedrock, the site will be moved about a mile south of its originally planned location.

Mike Jackson and Ben Pauk circumnavigated the volcano yesterday afternoon to collect metadata from stations. Due to high winds, they were only able to make it to stations AV02 and AV03.

Dave Mencin and Steve Borenstein returned on Sunday from staying the night in Homer. They worked on configuring the communications equipment at the Homer Internet Trailer so that the installed stations can communicate directly with Boulder. The best part of the trip: getting squeaky clean with steamy hot showers.

This morning four people left to begin the installation of station AC27. This station is located in a remote area near the McNeil River Falls, so there is a very good chance of bear encounters, and the team is well-equipped with bear deterrent pepper spray and firearms.

Because of very strong winds the helicopter cannot make it to AV05; most likely the winds will continue through the day.

Base Camp Update:

The latrine has been successfully moved to a new location, thanks to some very brave individuals! A layer of volcanic ash was found while digging the latrine hole believed to be from the colossal Katmai Volcano eruption in 1912.


Last modified: 2020-01-28  22:54:09  America/Denver