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Augustine Volcano Installation Update (7)


Installation Update: 1:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, heavy winds kept the crews at camp for most the day Monday. Flying into the wind, it took the AC27 crew 45 minutes to fly 20 miles over to the mainland from Base Camp. Once near the site, the pilot turned the aircraft around due to strong wind and turbulence, fearing that a return flight to pick the crew up might be too risky. Returning to Base Camp only took 15 minutes since the helicopter was flying with the wind. Unfortunately, it was also too windy to reach AV05, the last volcano station to be installed.

During the day on Monday, September 13, 2004, Steve Borenstein, Barrett Friesen, and Seth Friedly installed a wind generator at site AV03. Because of its location on the north side of the volcano, the station will receive less sunlight than the rest of the stations, thus getting less power from the solar panels. Hopefully the wind generator will be able to survive the Alaska weather and will be able to provide more power to the station. In addition, crews were able to make it up to AV01, AV02 and AV04 to drop off batteries and apply finishing touches to the stations. A communications repeater for AC27 was installed at AV02.

This morning the winds are not as strong as yesterday. Crews and equipment were brought over to AC27 this morning where drilling and installation work will begin. Other crew members are on the northeast side of the island helping to organize the gear brought over by the boat from Homer.

Base Camp Update:

It took two hours and five people to set up the 20-foot diameter dome tent. (Whew!) Visitors from EarthScope and NSF will be arriving sometime tomorrow by float plane from Homer. We are looking forward to having the company come and getting the opportunity to show off our amazing installations.

With the weather getting cooler, last night was the perfect night to build a mock movie theatre in the WeatherPort. With a projector and laptop serving as the hi-fi system, and a white sheet hung from the sides of the tent acting as the screen, we played a very motivational movie for the group: ‘Kill Bill. Vol. 1’

Cook Katy Willis continues to impress us with her amazing meals. She is definitely very well liked by all crew members ‘we cannot imagine doing this without her.’


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