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Augustine Volcano Installation Update (8)


Installation Update: 2:00 p.m.

By the end of Tuesday, three holes were drilled for mainland station AC27, and the hut was slung over and put into place. Heavy winds and frozen rain created hard working conditions for most of the day. We continue to be fortunate enough not to have any bear encounters.

While that crew was working on station AC27, Dave Mencin and Steve Borenstein brought more batteries and a repeater for communications to station AV02. The repeater will enable mainland station AC27 to communicate with Homer. A quick stop at AV04 allowed the crew to modify a power connection and hook up grounding rod and wire.

The additional gear that arrived by boat from Homer yesterday was unloaded and slung to base camp and AC27. Seth Friedly entertained himself between loads by finding interesting items that have floated ashore. It`s amazing what you can come across on the beach of a volcano out in the middle of nowhere!

This morning we woke up to frost on our tents (brrrr!). The good news is that the winds are down and a crew has headed up to station AV05 to begin the installation. The bad news is that without wind, the mosquitoes come out in massive swarms, relentlessly attacking any exposed skin. Another team has headed to AC27 to continue working on the monument, wiring up the hut, and building a swing set.

Base Camp Update: Gilligan’s Island Meets M*A*S*H

Living in such close quarters here on base camp, we are learning perhaps more than we wanted to know about each other. Probably the most talked about would be dear ‘El Jefe’ himself, Mike Jackson, who has proved to be our very own Klinger (T.V. character from the show M*A*S*H). Jackson had people questioning him when he took off his socks to reveal sparkly pink painted toe nails. He proudly wears the polish that his daughter Kaya beautifully painted on his toes before coming to Augustine.

Our guests from EarthScope and NSF should arrive at the island any time now. We are happy to have the calm weather so we can fly them out to see some of the stations. Camp is being reorganized to try and make more space for the extra visitors.

Running a tight and organized ship, Ben Pauk, PBO`s Alaska Regional Engineer, is doing an amazing job of managing this project. Pauk is making sure that every aspect of the project runs smoothly and timely, and that everyone on camp is safe, happy, and being used to their best abilities.

Camp Update: Best of

In addition to the painted toes, here are pictures of a few more prize winners.


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