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Augustine Volcano Installation Update (9)


Installation Update:

Yesterday, workers completed about 98% of station AC27. Fortunately the weather was nice, with a little bit of a breeze keeping the mosquitoes away for the majority of the day. Once again the crew was safe from bears, but was joined by a small herd of caribou near the station.

Meanwhile, another crew was able to make it up to AV05, finishing about 50% of the installation by the end of the day. Although it was pretty cold up at the top, the skies were mostly clear and sunny.

Today a crew attempted to land at AC27 but was unable due to very strong winds. Another crew is headed up to AV05 to work on welding the monument, building the swing set, and programming the receivers.

Base Camp Update:

The VIPs made it safely to the island yesterday afternoon. A total of seven people flew over from Homer in an Otter float plane: Jim Whitcomb and Mark Coles from the National Science Foundation, Greg van der Vink and Charna Meth from EarthScope, film crew Andy Dwyer and Tim Boese (hired by NSF), and special guest Nick van der Vink, son of Greg van der Vink. A seat opened up last minute allowing Nick to join the trek to visit the PBO crew at Augustine. Nick was able to bargain his way out of missing three days of school by agreeing to write a paper on his experience and presenting it to his seventh grade class after his return. Needless to say, he was the only one to do his homework at the breakfast table this morning.

After settling in, the VIPs and film crew were able to make it up in the helicopter to visit some of the volcano sites. Thanks to good weather they were able to land and start filming at both AV03 and AV05. Once everyone returned, tent warming gifts were unpacked and presented to base camp. These wonderful, and very thoughtful, gifts included a lighted disco ball, official ‘Studio AV04’ poster, and a beaded entry way to hang from the ceiling. We wouldn`t expect any thing less from our favorite EarthScope office.


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