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Augustine Volcano Installation Update


Base camp on Augustine Volcano is fully set up and operating about 60 yards away from the shore on the west side of the volcano. Surrounded by tall, thick brush, we had to clear an area large enough for a helicopter landing pad, base camp kitchen, and sleeping tents. One large weather port is set up to act as the main common area for cooking, eating, and working. Two smaller structures serve as storage room for food and equipment. The Homer internet trailer is set up and camp is now connected to the internet using a Hughes DC powered VSAT system. Field days start at 6:30 AM and finish at about 9:30 PM with helicopters ferrying people on and off the volcano installations sites. Handheld radios are used to communicate between the aircraft, installation sites, and base camp. Satellite phones are used for emergency communications and internet keeps the camp in touch with the world.

Fortunately the weather has been sunny and clear for the last five days, averaging around 60 degrees in the afternoon and getting down to the low 30`s in the evenings. Because it is rare to have such nice weather, crews are working hard to get as much done as possible before the weather changes. It expected that there will be a couple days where weather will cause the crew to cease installations.

As of the end of 9-07-04, AV03 has been completed, and sites AV01, AV02, and AV04 are in progress. It is anticipated that both AV01 and AV04 will be completed by the end of today, and work will begin on the mainland AC59 site. All materials have been slung up to the AV05 site and if the weather holds installation should begin tomorrow.

The field team is looking forward to the arrival of EarthScope, NSF, and media personnel. We are especially excited about hosting a student representative from Thomas W. Pyle Middle School in Bethesda, MD, who will provide a live, internet based question and answer session between students at the middle school and scientists working on the volcano.


Last modified: 2020-01-28  22:54:09  America/Denver