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PBO Strainmeter Installation Update: A Whole New Frontier! (6)


Last Friday morning, the drillers arrived at the site early to prepare for the cement truck. Section by section, the drill rig pipe was put back together and inserted into the borehole until reaching the bottom. Once in place, the drillers connected the piping to the float shoe which was welded onto the piece of casing resting at the bottom of the hole. The drill pipe acts as a hose delivering cement into the bottom of the hole, through the float shoe and into the annulus, or the area between the borehole and the casing. Shortly after noon, the cement and cement pump trucks arrived on site and began the process of pumping cement down the drill rig pipe, through the float shoe, and up into the annulus of the hole. After the cementing was finished, the drill pipe was removed from the hole and the top 120 feet of the temporary 8-inch casing was pulled out of the borehole.

While the drillers were off for the weekend, Mike Hasting finished off the job by installing a 60 foot long PVC tube in between the 6-inch casing and the 8-inch drill hole and topping off the upper part of the casing with cement.

Today, crews will drill out the float shoe from the bottom piece of casing so crews can continue drilling down another 40 feet to prepare for the upcoming DOSECC coring activities. If all goes smoothly, the drill rig will be mobilized this afternoon to the second strainmeter site to begin the process all over again.


Last modified: 2020-01-28  22:54:10  America/Denver