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100th Plate Boundary Observatory GPS Station Installation in Northern California


Congratulations to the UNAVCO Richmond, California office for completing the 100th Plate Boundary Observatory GPS station installation in Northern California on June 2, 2006. Short-drilled GPS station P183 was installed on Bodega Head, a spit off of Bodega Bay, California. Bodega Head is one of the few places north of San Francisco where a GPS station can be located on the west side of the San Andreas Fault. Several years ago Bodega Bay was considered as a location for a nuclear power plant. Fortunately, once they discovered the fault line underneath Bodega Bay they decided to look elsewhere.

The land is owned by the Bodega Marine Reserve and is a unit of the University of California Natural Reserve System by UC Davis. The location is surrounded by research fields, so the installation crew used an ATV to mobilize 1/2 mile to the station site. The crew took a circuitous route around the research fields to avoid disturbing ongoing plant and bug research.

The day before the 100th installation was complete, a second Northern California installation crew finished up the 99th station, P317, located north of Bodega Bay in Leggett. This crew was able to join the others at Bodega Head to finish P183 together.

The Northern California region will install a total of 229 GPS installations by the end of the construction phase in September 2008. As of May 31, 2006, the PBO has collectively installed 360 of the 852 stations that will make up the completed network.


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