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Augustine Installation Update


AV18 was started and completed in one day (Sunday) just before Karl Feaux and Austin Baldwin arrived at the island on a float plane. On Monday the crews started and completed AV16, a site located on the west island across the lagoon from base camp. Meanwhile, two potential locations for GPS monuments were found during reconnaissance. Excellent weather and clear skies allowed crews to work continuously through both days.

Most of the day on Tuesday was cloudy and rainy. Visible gas clouds surrounded large parts of the volcano, most likely coming from the dome and upper levels of the north and northeast lava flows. The bluish cast indicates that there is silica dioxide present in the gas (a white cast indicates water steam). Work in these areas was avoided as a safety precaution.

Despite the poor weather, the lucky run of one-install-a-day continues. A crew of three people started and completed the installation of AV17, a site located on the northwest side of the volcano. This site is comprised of a large mass of rock surrounded by thick bush. To accommodate the helicopter, the crew used a chainsaw to clear an area large enough for the helicopter to land and sling gear.

Meanwhile another crew added a solar panel and directional antenna to GPS station AV02. AV02 was installed in 2004 on the lower flanks of the south side of the volcano. This station survived the recent activity and has since continually transmitted data to the PBO processing centers and UNAVCO archive.


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