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Roger Groom of Portland, Oregon is UNAVCO's 2006 Master Teacher

UNAVCO is pleased to announce its out-of-state selection for the 2006 master teacher summer program, Roger Groom, from Mt. Tabor Middle School in Portland, OR. Groom has a Masters of Education from Portland State University and completed the Graduate Teacher Education Program at Portland State University. In addition to his five years of experience teaching middle school Earth and space science, he has taught biology, life science, and integrated science.

Roger Groom brings his enthusiasm and experience to UNAVCO this June.

Groom has participated in numerous field-based professional development endeavors, including Teachers on the Leading Edge, Portland Region Geology, and Geology of the Central Oregon Coast. In addition, he has taken advantage of several classroom-based professional development opportunities, some of which include distance learning courses in oceanography, water, and atmospheric science sponsored by the American Meteorological Society. Finally, Groom has assumed a variety of leadership roles during his teaching career. He is a member of the Portland Public Schools middle school science standards program, representative for Mt. Tabor Middle School for the Middle School Science Associates Group, drama assistant technical director, and 6th grade orientation program coordinator.

Below is an excerpt from a biographical sketch that Roger provided:

"You teach middle school? Are you crazy?" I hear that all the time when I tell people what I do. But I love my job. Teaching 7th grade Earth science is a chance to open students' eyes to the world around them. I have been a teacher for over ten years, the first four of which were in Botswana, Africa, as a Peace Corps volunteer. Being a teacher, I am an avid learner as well. I soak up every opportunity to learn geology and have racked up about a gazillion hours of professional development in the last 5 years.

We look forward to utilizing Roger's enthusiasm and expertise this summer to enhance UNAVCO's education and outreach program.


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