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A Successful Meeting: The 2006 UNAVCO Science Workshop

UNAVCO held its Science Workshop March 14-16, 2006 at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado. 154 attendees converged on the Brown Palace for the 2 ½ day event. 18 of those attendees were UNAVCO members and another 18 were students receiving support from UNAVCO to attend the meeting. Program office representatives Craig Dobson of NASA, Russ Kelz of NSF, and Kaye Shedlock of EarthScope (NSF) also participated in the workshop.

The structure of the science workshop included science sessions with four speakers per session. The topics covered were: Observing and Modeling Transient Tectonics (talks by Jim Rice, Tony Lowry, Takeshi Sagiya, Thora Arnadottir), Continental Deformation and Hazards (talks by Eric Calais, Roy Dokka, Alessandro Forte, Seth Stein), Imaging with InSAR and LiDAR (talks by Tim Wright, Chuck Wicks, Michael Bevis, Gerald Bawden), and GNSS Geodesy: Achieving and Utilizing mm Global Geodesy (talks by Jim Davis, Ralf Schmid, Tom Heaton, John Wahr). To promote more interactive discussion, UNAVCO planned several special interest groups (SIGs) throughout the meeting. The SIG topics addressed LiDAR, Transient Tectonics, Data Tools, Education Proposals, GeoEarthScope, the International Polar Year, PBO, SNARF, InSAR, Strainmeter Data, Data Products, and UNAVCO Facility and Equipment Support.

80 posters were presented in the Tuesday afternoon poster viewing reception. Wednesday afternoon, 55 participants enjoyed a guided field trip to Red Rocks Canyon where the park guide gave historical and cultural background information, and UNAVCO's Freddy Blume led the geologic tour. Wednesday evening, Dennis Mileti delivered a provocative talk during the UNAVCO dinner titled "Communicating About Natural Hazards: The State of the Art". Members Eric Calais and Seth Stein chaired evening sessions on the future directions of UNAVCO and its community.

Thanks are due to the organizing committee, Mark Tamisiea, Evelyn Roeloffs, and Herb Dragert for the session planning and to Jaime Magliocca for logistics. UNAVCO is moving to a biannual Science Workshop schedule, so the next meeting will be in 2008. If your March feels empty next year, consider attending the EarthScope workshop in Monterey, California, 27-30 March 2007.


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