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The Plate Boundary Observatory's 400th GPS Station


On July 21, 2006, the 400th permanent GPS station of the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory was installed. Near the midway point of completing 852 installs by September 30, 2008, this milestone reinforces the dedication and vigor of the community and staff involved in completing this 5-year construction phase.

The 400th GPS installation is located in Northern California about 75 miles east of Sacramento and completes a profile of GPS stations that begins at the West Coast and extends across the Sierra. This profile crosses the San Andreas Fault and extends into the Basin and Range extensional tectonic region. Located on a granite dome about an hour from a paved road, this location has very stable ground conditions and clear sky view for satellite communications. UNAVCO Field Engineers Max Enders and Jackson Rogers, and UNAVCO Intern Thomas Pray completed the short-drill monument installation in two days under sweltering temperatures averaging around 110 degrees in the afternoon. The installation went smoothly with the exception of one broken drill bit due to very hard bedrock with numerous quartz veins.

Congratulations to all PBO staff for reaching this milestone through hard work and commitment to the project.


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