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UNAVCO Welcomes Eric Calais


UNAVCO welcomes Eric Calais as the new UNAVCO Chairman of the Board and PBO Representative on the EarthScope Facility Executive Committee (EFEC). Eric is an Associate Professor of Geophysics at Purdue University and has been closely involved with UNAVCO for several years. We look forward to several more years of working with Eric and benefiting from his dedication to the growth and success of UNAVCO. Eric is replacing Paul Silver (Carnegie Institute of Washington) in both of these positions. Paul has been a PBO EFEC Representative since 2003 and UNAVCO Board Chair since 2004. UNAVCO would like to thank Paul for his dedication and strong leadership to UNAVCO and the EarthScope Project. His support has been paramount in promoting the growth of both organizations. Paul continues on the Board of Directors as Vice-Chair.

Additionally, UNAVCO welcomes Roland Bürgmann (University of California, Berkeley) as the new Chair of the PBO Standing Committee. Roland replaced Paul Segall as the Chair of the PBO Standing Committee. Roland was a graduate student under Roger Bilham at CU and under Paul Segall at Stanford, and has been an active member of UNAVCO for several years. Paul Segall has been Chair of the Standing Committee since 2003. UNAVCO would like to extend our deepest appreciation for his support and commitment to the EarthScope project.


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