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Akutan Tilt Installation


During August of 2007, the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) successfully installed four Lily Self Leveling Borehole Tiltmeters on Akutan Volcano, in the central Aleutian Islands of Alaska. All four instruments were collocated with existing PBO Global Positioning Systems (GPS) stations installed on the volcano in 2005. The tiltmeters will aid researchers in detecting and measuring flank deformation associated with future magmatic intrusions of the volcano. All four of the tiltmeters were installed by PBO field crews with helicopter support provided by JL Aviation and logistical support from the Trident Seafood Corporation, the City of Akutan, and the Akutan Corporation. Lack of roads and drivable trails on the remote volcanic island required that all drilling equipment be transported to each site from the village of Akutan by slinging gear beneath the helicopter and with internal loads. Despite poor weather conditions during the installation, all four tiltmeters were installed in 9 days on the volcano in addition to completing maintenance on the existing GPS stations elsewhere on the volcano.

Each tiltmeter hole was drilled to a depth of 30 feet with a portable Little Beaver Hydraulic Pneumatic Drill Rig and cased with 3-inch PVC. The PVC casing was cemented in place with grout and the tiltmeters were installed and packed with fine grain sand to stabilize the tiltmeters inside the casing. Data streams from the tiltmeters are integrated into the existing GPS data streams via a serial port connection on the Trimble NetRS GPS receiver located at each of the four stations. Data from the GPS receivers and tiltmeters are telemetered directly or through a repeater radio network to a base station VSAT located in the village of Akutan that transmits the data over the internet to the UNAVCO data archive facility in Boulder, CO.


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