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Eastern US PBO Site Reconnaissance


PBO will install 5 additional stations in the Eastern United States, to complement the eleven existing GPS stations collocated at USArray sites. In May, maintenance was performed at two existing stations in Georgia and New York and reconnaissance was completed for the following three Eastern US sites:

New England:

From April 31-May 4, nearly a dozen separate locations were found in an area that spanned Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Extensive tree cover and glacial deposits were the main limiting factors in finding a suitable GPS location. A bedrock ridge with excellent sky view at the Gunstock Ski Resort in New Hampshire will be the location for the New England GPS station.

Puerto Rico:

From May 9-12, reconnaissance was completed at five separate areas in Puerto Rico. Extensive tree cover and unsuitable geology were the main limiting factors. A suitable site was located at the Cerritos dam north of Ponce.

North Carolina:

From May 29-30, GPS reconnaissance activities were conducted in South Carolina and North Carolina. Again, tree cover was the principal constraint for siting. The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) invited PBO to locate a station at their facility. A cleared bedrock ridge above the main facility has excellent sky view. PARI is a not-for-profit public foundation dedicated to providing hands-on educational and research opportunities for a broad cross-section of users in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. This collaboration is an excellent education and outreach opportunity for PBO and EarthScope.


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