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PBO at 2006 Fall AGU


Numerous science, facility construction, and education and outreach papers were presented at the Fall AGU meeting. As we move into year four of the construction phase of the MREFC, it is highly encouraging to see the science community using and interpreting PBO data and data products to resolve key EarthScope science goals. PBO staff participated in numerous talks and posters outlining the state of the construction and data management activities, and more importantly to garner feedback from the science community on how to improve data and information access, education and outreach, and construction processes and procedure. The following are a summary of science, education and outreach, and facility construction abstracts.

Science Abstracts

  • The 2005 Cascadia ETS Event Inferred From PBO Tensor Strainmeters and GPS (Schmidt et al.)
  • Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) Measurements of the North American Plate Boundary (Herring et al.)
  • Postseismic Deformation and Fault-slip From the 2004 M6 Parkfield, California Earthquake Using 2 Years of GPS and Creepmeter Data (Langbein et al.)
  • GPS constraints on 34 slow slip events within the Cascadia subduction zone since 1997 (Melbourne et al.)
  • The Slip History of the 2004 Slow Slip Event on the Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone (Gao et al.)
  • On the motion and geometry of the Sierra Nevada Great Valley micro-plate: Implications for Walker Lane tectonics (Kreemer et al.)
  • Near- and far-field deformation associated with the ongoing dome building eruption of Mount St. Helens (Lisowski et al.)
  • Source Modeling and Tectono-Volcanic Implications of the 2004-2006 Rapid Deformation at Yellowstone Caldera (Chang et al.)
  • ISEA (International geodetic project in SouthEastern Alaska) for Rapid Uplifting Caused by Glacial Retreat: (2) Establishment of Continuous GPS Sites (CGPS) (Kaufman et al.)
  • The Basin-and-Range Province (BRP): a key GeoFrame transect in progress (Klemperer et al.)
  • Introduction to Augustine Volcano and Overview of the 2006 Eruption (Nye et al.)

PBO Facility Talks and Abstracts

  • Halfway There: An EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory Progress Report (Jackson et al.)
  • The Plate Boundary Observatory: Data Management Progress and Highlights (Anderson et al.)
  • PBO Facility Construction: Basin and Range and Rocky Mountain Regions Status (Frieson et al.)
  • PBO Nucleus Project Status: Integration of 209 Existing GPS Stations into the Plate Boundary Observatory (Blume et al.)
  • Update on Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) Activities in the Pacific Northwest (Hafner et al.)
  • The EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory Response to the 2006 Augustine Alaskan Volcanic Eruption (Pauk et al.)
  • GPS Installation Progress in the Northern California Region of the Plate Boundary Observatory (Coyle et al.)
  • Completion of the 16 station Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) network on Mt. St. Helens, WA (Austin et al.)
  • The Plate Boundary Observatory: Community Focused Web Services (Matykiewicz, et al.)
  • PBO Borehole Strainmeters (Mencin et al.)
  • The Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Seismic Network (Hasting et al.)
  • The Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Strainmeter Program: Overview of Data Analysis and Products (Hodgkinson et al.)
  • The Deployment of a PBO Strainmeter Site. Four Steps to a Better Understanding of the Earth (Johnson et al.)

Education and Outreach

  • Using EarthScope Construction of the Plate Boundary Observatory to Provide Locally Based Experiential Education and Outreach (Jackson et al.)


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