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UNAVCO Convenes Special Session on Borehole Networks


Greg Anderson (PBO Data Products Manager) and David Mencin (PBO Strainmeter Operations Manager) convened a special session on Integrated Borehole Geodetic and Seismic Networks: A Developing Tool for Earth Science during the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Seismological Society of America. On 11 April 2007, scientists gathered for a full day of talks and posters covering topics including episodic tremor and slip along subduction zones and strike-slip faults; use of borehole seismic data for earthquake source scaling, improving catalogs, and the like; calibration and presentation of data; and operations of current networks around the world. The presenters and attendees — as many as 100 at a time — came from four continents, demonstrating the keen scientific interest in borehole seismic and geodetic data. This session was an important step in the expansion of the borehole science community, bringing in a diverse audience and demonstrating the value of EarthScope borehole data in better understanding of a wide range of fundamental Earth science questions.


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