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Laser Strainmeter at Durmid Hill Records Bombay Beach Earthquake Swarm


The M4.8, March 24, 2009, Bombay Beach Earthquake and the earthquake swarm that followed it were recorded by the PBO Long Baseline Laser Strainmeter at Durmid Hill (DHL). The Laser Strainmeter Group at Scripps, Duncan Agnew, Frank Wyatt and Billy Hatfield, routinely process the PBO laser strainmeter data to provide a Level 2 data set that includes tidal and instrumental corrections. Analysis of the Durmid Hill strain data indicates there was no change in trend or behavior in the days after the M4.8 event. For more information on the laser strainmeter recording of the Bombay Beach earthquake swarm contact Duncan Agnew, dagnew@ucsd.edu.


Last modified: 2020-01-28  22:54:20  America/Denver