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In the News: UNAVCO Community Science is ‘What’s Hot’

January 22, 2009

Recent tectonic activity around the world has sparked a rise in news coverage regarding the UNAVCO science community. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you how to stay in touch with UNAVCO news. We update the UNAVCO Newsroom with recent articles as they come in. These articles are also posted on UNAVCO’s Facebook page, and often via UNAVCO’s Twitter account. You can stay up-to-date with recent UNAVCO project highlights here. Please feel free to let us know of other relevant articles not posted on the UNAVCO site that may be of interest to the community.

Here are the most recent articles, many related to the recent events in Haiti:

A Deadly Quake in a Seismic Hot Zone: January 25, 2010: New York Times [WEB]
Purdue Geophysisists in Haiti Blog: January 25, 2010: Blog [WEB]
Purdue researchers return to Haiti to examine possibility of another major earthquake: January 25, 2010: Lafayette Online [WEB]
Scientists Return to Haiti to Assess Possibility of Another Major Quake: January 25, 2010: National Science Foundation Press Release [WEB]
New Earthquake Information Unearthed by San Andreas Fault Studies: January 21, 2010: National Science Foundation News [WEB]
The Cause of Haiti's Latest Earthquake: Is the Worst Yet to Come? A Look at the Seismic Science in the Caribbean: January 20, 2010: Newsweek Blog [WEB]
Earthquake Aftershock: January 20, 2010: shnock.com [WEB]
Geologists to evaluate future Haiti risks: January 19, 2010: Nature [WEB]
Waiting for clear weather: January 19, 2010: Iceshelf [WEB]
Purdue researchers studied Haitian fault; warned of potential for a large earthquake: January 15, 2010: Lafayette Online [WEB]


Eric Calais

Figure 1 - The potential for large earthquakes in Haiti and the Dominican Republic was forecast by a model of the northeastern Caribbean created by a team of experts. UNAVCO Community member Eric Calais, a professor of geophysics at Purdue University, led the research team that is the only group utilizing advanced measurement equipment along the Enriquillo and Septentrional faults in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. [read more]

Haiti Event Map - USGS

Figure 2 - UNAVCO Community Scientists are working to evaluate future Haiti risks. Image source: USGS. [read more]


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