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UNAVCO at AGU 2013

22 December 2013


Thanks for coming to visit us at our new booth, engaging with us through talks and posters, and collaborating with us. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from AGU 2013.

The Booth

UNAVCO redesigned our booth this year for simplicity and economy. What did you think?

We still had our tectonic rulers and geodesy bumper stickers, as well as some other fun items, for the cost of a "Like" on Facebook. Haven't "Liked" us yet? Check us out!

Posters and Presentations

UNAVCO staff were first authors on eight oral presentations and 15 posters.

The following posters are available on the American Geophysical Union ePosters Website:

The Plate Boundary Observatory: Current status and plans for the next five years
Authors: Glen S. Mattioli; Karl Feaux; Charles M. Meertens; David Mencin; M Meghan Miller
Session: S21A-2369

Geodetic Time Series: An Overview of UNAVCO Community Resources and Examples of Time Series Analysis Using GPS and Strainmeter Data
Authors: David A. Phillips; Charles M. Meertens; Kathleen M. Hodgkinson; Christine M. Puskas; Frances M. Boler; Lee Snett; Glen S. Mattioli
Session: G21A-0753

Comparison of Real-Time Kinematic GNSS Positioning Techniques Using Moving and Stationary Antennas
Authors: Henry T. Berglund; Frederick Blume; David Mencin; Louis H. Estey
Session: G53B-0923

Integrated data search and access to geophysical data for Geohazards Supersites and Natural Laboratories
Authors: Linda Rowan; Scott Baker; Stuart Wier; Frances M. Boler; Charles M. Meertens; Falk Amelung
Session: NH13B-1621

New Collaboration Among Geodesy Data Centers in Europe and the US Facilitates Data Discovery and Access
Authors: Frances M. Boler; Stuart Wier; Nicola D'Agostino; Rui M. Fernandes; Athanassios Ganas; Carine Bruyninx
Session: IN23D-1444

Engaging the Geodetic and Geoscience Communities in EarthScope Education and Outreach
Authors: Donna Charlevoix; Megan Berg; Aisha Morris; Shelley Olds
Session: ED31A-0739

Engaging teachers, interpreters and emergency management educators in disaster preparedness and EarthScope science through joint professional development workshops
Authors: Beth A. Pratt-Sitaula; Robert J. Lillie; Robert F. Butler; Nancee Hunter; Bonnie Magura; Roger Groom; C D. Hedeen; Jenda A. Johnson; Charles Ault; Shelley E. Olds
Session: ED31A-0738

Student Research

UNAVCO's internship program, Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS), was heavily represented at AGU this year. Eight of our 11 interns from 2013 presented either a talk or a poster, on topics ranging from deformation of Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat to the activity of post-wildfire microbial communities. Congratulations to our interns, and also to RESESS alumni who have gone on to graduate programs and were at AGU presenting their graduate research. Learn about the RESESS program and how to become a research mentor on the RESESS webpage.

Event Highlights

UNAVCO once again hosted the AGU Geodesy Section reception. Geodesy Section chair Tim Dixon presented the Outstanding Student Paper Awards to Bryan Riel, Christof Lorenz, and Estelle Chaussard. The Geodesy Section Award went to UNAVCO board member Rowena Lohman.

The annual UNAVCO businees meeting featured keynote speaker Dr. Michael Freilich, Earth Science Division Director of NASA. Longtime UNAVCO community member Bob Smith, University of Utah, talked about the evolution of geodesy since the founding of UNAVCO in 1984, and Jeff Freymueller shared an anectdote from his early days using GPS. UNAVCO director of Geodetic Infrastructure Glen Mattioli introduced the five recipients of COCONet graduate student fellowships. Congratulations again to Roby Douilly, Esteban Josue Chaves Sibaja, Steeve Symithe, Ophelia George, and Halldor Geirsson. Read about their research on the COCONet Graduate Fellowship Awardees webpage.

More Photos

For more photos of the UNAVCO booth, RESESS, the Geodesy Section Reception, and the UNAVCO Business Meeting, find us on Facebook:
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