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15 October 2015


Visit our booth

Come find us at Booth #452 in Baltimore at the annual GSA meeting. Our booth is staffed by UNAVCO staff from all groups within the organization, as well as by 2015 and 2014 RESESS interns.

Want a free $10 Amazon gift card? Come by the booth between 3 and 7pm on Sunday to participate in a short survey about our new website, Connect UNAVCO, and we’ll send you a gift card for your time.

Take a short course

UNAVCO teaches community short courses every year at GSA. Space is still available for some short courses; inquire by calling GSA.

535. How to Talk to Strangers: Selling Yourself and Your Science, for Students
Sat., 31 Oct., 2–4 p.m., Baltimore Convention Center, Room 304
Cost: $40 (was $10 for early registration)
Limit: 50
CEU: 0.2
Instructors: Beth Bartel, UNAVCO; Gifford Wong, Dartmouth College
Cosponsor: UNAVCO

Abstract: This short workshop for students will cover communicating at this meeting and beyond. You will walk away better equipped to connect with your audience, whether it's your grandmother or a potential employer. You will develop an elevator speech you can use throughout the meeting and learn some tips on how to leave a (positive) lasting impression. We will also discuss how to best follow up with new contacts. This workshop will be almost completely hands on, so come ready to let down your guard, meet your peers, have fun, and walk out ready to engage in GSA 2015.

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UNAVCO Presentations and Events

Short courses

Date Instructors Course Name SC # Location Time
Sat, Oct 31 Beth Bartel and Gifford WongHow to Talk to Strangers: Selling Yourself and Your Science, for Students 535 Baltimore Convention Center, Room 304 2-4pm

UNAVCO papers

DatePresenterTitlePaper # LocationPresentation Time
Sun, Nov 1 Shelley Olds NGSS Aligned Data-Rich Learning Materials for the Next Generation Scientists 33-3 Exhibit Hall poster
Sun, Nov 1 Benjamin Gross Guiding Development of a Geoscience-Focused Semantic Web App: End-User Engagement in the EarthCollab Project 29-7 Exhibit Hall poster
Sun, Nov 1 Katherine Shervais, 2015 intern Teaching Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Structure from Motion in Undergraduate Field Courses: A Field Education Module 35-15 Exhibit Hall poster
Weds, Nov 4 Andrew Bayles, 2015 intern Exposing Undergraduates to Multiple Geoscience Career Options Through Short Videos for the Classroom272-4 Room 324 8:45am
Weds, Nov 4 Aisha Morris Paving the Way: Career Exploration Internships for Students at the NSF Geodetic Facility 272-6 Room 324 9:15am
Weds, Nov 4 Beth Bartel Producing a Single Outreach Product to Reach Multiple Audiences 332-7 Room 343 3:05pm

RESESS and Geo-Launchpad Papers

DatePresenterTitlePaper # LocationPresentation Time
Sun, Nov 1 Brandt Scott Exploring the Role of Apatite Chemistry on Apatite (U-Th)/He Dates 28-10 Exhibit Hall poster
Sun, Nov 1 Anny Sainvil Using the Self-Potential Method to Analyze the Temporal and Spatial Variation of Shallow Groundwater Flow Through Meadows Within the Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory in Boulder, Colorado 4-8 Room 331/332 10:00am
Sun, Nov 1 Ann Marie Prue Estimating Climate from the Late Cretaceous Flora of the Two Medicine Formation, Montana: Comparison of Univariate Methods and Digital Leaf Physiognomy 40-13 Exhibit Hall poster
Mon, Nov 2 Wesley Weisberg Multi-Mineral (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry of the Standard Boulder and Outcrops of the McClure Mountain Syenite, Wet Mountains, Colorado 144-7 Exhibit Hall poster
Tues, Nov 3 Dana Downs & Jessica Whiteaker Range Precision and Accuracy of Terrestrial Laser Scanners 208-13 Exhibit Hall poster
Weds, Nov 4 Stacy Hendricks Assessing Aspect Control on Adjacent Weathering Hillslopes Using Seismic Anisotropy Velocity Models within the Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Colorado 292-19 Exhibit Hall poster
Weds, Nov 4 Crystal Burgess Detection of Diagenesis in Paleosol Carbonate Nodules Using Optical and Cathodoluminescence Microscopy 285-8 Room 345/346 10:15am


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