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New Google Community for UNAVCO Geodetic Data Services Technical News

  • UNAVCO staff: Christine Puskas, David Phillips, Beth Bartel, Jim Riley
  • Location(s): Boulder, CO
  • Funding Source: NSF

Written by Christine Puskas
7 December 2015


UNAVCO’s Geodetic Data Services (GDS) program has created a new Google Community for technical news. The GDS Technical News Page will feature information of interest to expert users in the geodetic community, and community members are encouraged to join and contribute questions and news items of their own. UNAVCO will be posting information related to GPS/GNSS processing and networks, documentation, metadata, remote sensing, borehole instruments, data quality, and UNAVCO-related news.


To date, technical news from UNAVCO has been disseminated through email, data product logs, and documentation on the Derived Data Products web page. The new GDS Technical News Page provides a single, searchable repository for information related to data and data services. The Google Community format is interactive, so that geodetic community members who have signed up for the GDS Technical News Page can comment or make their own posts. A free Google profile, which many users already have, is required to join the Google Community. No Google profile is required to view the page.


The GDS Technical News Page will focus on disseminating information and answering questions that will help users with data acquisition, processing, and interpretation. By sharing knowledge gained through our own experience and observations and by opening a forum where others can share theirs, users will be able to better take advantage of the geodetic data and data services provided by UNAVCO.

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