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UNAVCO Collects High-Rate GPS Data During the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse

Written by David Phillips & Christine Puskas
30 August 2017


A solar eclipse was visible from most of North America on August 21, 2017, with the path of totality spanning from Oregon to South Carolina. UNAVCO collected high-rate 5Hz GPS data from a total of 279 EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) GNSS stations, 38 of which were within the path of totality with the rest within an approximately 300km-wide zone extending out to 90% of totality. The high-rate data were collected for a total of 12 hours, ±6 hours from the time of totality (local station time). All 1,100+ PBO GPS and GNSS stations also recorded data at the standard sample rate of 15 seconds. These GPS observations have the potential to support research into ionospheric effects and other phenomena associated with the eclipse.

Data Available Through UNAVCO

These data are now available as RINEX files from the UNAVCO archive. Data can be downloaded from the UNAVCO ftp site [ftp://data-out.unavco.org/pub/highrate/] or via the UNAVCO Data Access Interface (DAI).

For users interested in data from other time periods or from stations beyond the 90% coverage zone, all data from all periods and sample rates can be accessed via the UNAVCO ftp site and/or the DAI. For this event, both 5 Hz data and standard rate 15 second data are available by ftp. Within these directories, data are organized by year, Julian day, then station. The eclipse was on Julian day 233 of 2017.

PBO Stations within Totality

BBID | CORV | P042 | P063 | P351
P352 | P353 | P354 | P355 | P356
P357 | P358 | P359 | P367 | P375
P376 | P378 | P379 | P384 | P385
P386 | P394 | P395 | P404 | P406
P412 | P433 | P459 | P679 | P681
P684 | P685 | P686 | P710 | P715
P779 | P798 | TSWY

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