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19 October 2018


Visit our booth

Come find us at Booth #706 in Indianapolis at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. Meet UNAVCO staff and pick up some of our latest outreach materials, including the 2019 UNAVCO-IRIS calendar.

Take a short course or workshop

UNAVCO staff teach short courses and workshops at the annual GSA meeting to provide geoscientists with a variety of professional skills.

This year, we collaborate with partner facilities, faculty, and/or the Geological Society of America to teach attendes about geodetic imaging methods and science communication. See our listings in the table to the right, and note that the Social Media for Scientists workshop is during the meeting and requires no registration. We hope to see you there.

Look for us in Service Spaces

You may also find us in the inagural Career & Mentoring Center or at events involving the GSA Geology & Society Division, as part of our staff's service to the broad geoscience community.

Stay Connected


UNAVCO Presentations and Events

Short Courses and Workshops

Date Instructors Course Name SC # Location Time
Fri, Nov 2 Christopher Crosby and Brendan HodgeHigh Resolution Topography and 3D Imaging I: Introduction to Terrestrial Laser Scanning 501 JW Marriot, 304 8am-5pm
Sat, Nov 3 Christopher Crosby and Ramon ArrowsmithHigh Resolution Topography and 3D Imaging II: Introduction to Structure from Motion (SfM) Photogrammetry 510 JW Marriot, 304 8am-5pm
Sat, Nov 3 Beth Bartel and Wendy BohonReady to Engage: Selling Yourself at GSA and Beyond, for Students 525 JW Marriot, 312 2-4pm
Sun, Nov 4 Wendy Bohon, Beth Bartel, and Justin SamuelSocial Media for Scientists
Free; no registration required
N/A Career & Mentoring Center 2-4pm
Tues, Nov 6 Beth Bartel and Wendy BohonThe Joy of Networking
Free; no registration required
N/A Career & Mentoring Center 3:30-4pm

UNAVCO Co-authored Papers

DatePresenterTitlePaper # LocationPresentation Time
Sun, Nov 4 Ryley Collins Improved Physical Model Of Instantaneous/Infinitesimal Strain For Hands-On Learning Using A Triangle Of Stretchy Cloth 57-9 ICC - Room 235 4:15pm
Sun, Nov 4 Sarah Hall Geodesy and Mass Wasting in the Introductory Classroom: The GETSI Project's Surface Process Hazards Module 57-13 ICC - Room 235 5:15pm
Sun, Nov 4 Ramón Arrowsmith Opentopography: Advancing Access To High Resolution Topography 50-10 ICC - Halls J-K poster
Tues, Nov 6 Becca Walker Incorporating Key Elements of CUREs Into the Introductory Classroom: GETSI Modules as a Mechanism For Building Student Research Skills (Invited Presentation) 145-2 ICC - Room 235 8:15am
Tues, Nov 6 Emiliano Monroy-Rios On the Tectonic Stability of the Yucatan Block 207-13 ICC - Room 136-137 4:55pm
Weds, Nov 7 Ramón Arrowsmith From Crashing Kites and Frankenmodels to Efficient Large-Scale UAV Acquisitions and Beautiful Shared 3D Models (Invited Presentation) 226-11 ICC - Room 141 10:50am

Geo-Launchpad Intern Papers

DatePresenterTitlePaper # LocationPresentation Time
Sun, Nov 4 Grace Donovan and Alexandrea Hurtado Using National Hydrography Linked Data to Better Understand Wild And Scenic River Protections 32-2 ICC - Halls J-K poster
Sun, Nov 4 Santiago Cuevas and Katie Gallagher The Modern Library: Digitizing Historic Photographs and Field Records of the United States Geological Survey 32-1 ICC - Halls J-K poster


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