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The 2019 SAGE/GAGE Workshop

1 September 2019

2019 SAGE/GAGE WORKSHOP: Earth in 4D: Bridging the Timescales in Dynamic Earth Processes

  • Dates: Oct. 9 - 11, 2019
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Funding Source: NSF

Our understanding of fundamental Earth processes requires multifaceted investigations that span a large range of temporal and spatial scales. This workshop will focus on cutting edge geophysical results of processes in the solid earth, cryosphere, oceans and atmosphere and will highlight synergies between the SAGE and GAGE communities.

A Joint Science Workshop

Starting in 2019, the UNAVCO Science Workshop and the IRIS Workshop combine into one joint science workshop, the SAGE/GAGE Workshop, at the request of the National Science Foundation.

The workshop planning committee consists of members of both the geodetic and seismic communities. IRIS and UNAVCO will alternate leading the logistical organization of the workshop, with IRIS leading the 2019 workshop and UNAVCO leading the 2020 workshop.

Associated Events

The following short courses, mini-workshops, and field trips preceed the meeting:

  • Communicating Geohazards: Delivering Information in Crisis and Calm (funded by AGU)
  • InSAR Data Interpretation and Analysis for Nonspecialists
  • Strainmeter Short Course
  • New Tools and More Data from the IRIS DMC and Beyond
  • Rapid Response to Geohazards Mini-Workshop
  • Field Trip to Multnomah Falls

Register Now

Register for the meeting by September 6, and for lodging by September 9.

2019 SAGE/GAGE Workshop Report

Read the full 2019 SAGE/GAGE Workshop Report.

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