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Supporting Multiple Projects in Nicaragua

  • Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Peter LaFemina, Penn State, and Armando Saballos, INETER
  • UNAVCO Staff: Jim Normandeau
  • Dates: Start date 2-18 February, 2020
  • Location: Nicaragua
  • Funding Source(s): NSF EAR 1826508, NASA 16-ESI16-0030, Network of the Americas (NOTA) through NSF GAGE

Written by Jim Normandeau
26 February 2020

Project Overview

Fieldwork in Nicaragua conducted in early February 2020 supported three different projects funded by NSF and NASA, as noted above. The work involved setting up GPS equipment for campaign surveys (eGPS), installing new campaign monuments, repairing continuous GPS stations (cGPS), installing a new cGPS station, installing a gas sensor on Masaya volcano, UAS flights on Masaya, and training technicians from INETER on how to repair cGPS equipment, namely replacing the LNA on the chokering antenna.

NOTA Maintentance

There are three NOTA GPS stations in Nicaragua, each in need of repair and antenna updates to enable tracking of GNSS data. During the first few days in Managua, INETER technician Elvis Leif Mendoza Rivera was trained on how to replace the LNA on the chokering antenna of station MANA, without removing the antenna. This method helps minimize any offset that may occur when repairing or replacing an antenna. Elvis will use the training to perform the same maintenance on stations CN29 and CN30. While in Managua, the team also overhauled the MANA power system and retrieved the campaign GPS equipment from INETER storage, and assembled and repaired the kits as needed.

Masaya Volcano

On the afternoon before departing Managua, the team went to the Masaya Volcano to set up a gas sensor, assess the cGPS station for future repairs, and fly a UAS to take photos of the lava lake.

Regional Geodetic Measurements

Using 11 GPS campaign kits, the team collected data on benchmarks around the two project areas, in the Leon region and the Managua Graben. While in these areas, several cGPS stations were repaired and brought back online. In addition, one large pillar was constructed at the INETER Meteorological Station Monte Rosa (IMMR).

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