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UNAVCO Contributes Technical and Educational Expertise to ShakeAlert

  • Collaborator(s): USGS Pasadena and Menlo Park, IRIS, California Geological Survey, Washington Department of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN)
  • UNAVCO Staff: NOTA Regional Managers, NOTA GNSS Ops Manager, the NOTA RT-GNSS team, NOTA Engineers in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest regions, and ECE staff
  • Dates: August 2017 to present
  • Location: California, Oregon, Washington
  • Funding Source: US Geological Survey

Written by Shelley Olds
11 March 2020

The ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System, operated by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), detects and characterizes significant earthquakes quickly enough to alert people and automated response systems before strong ground shaking arrives. The USGS, along with partners including UNAVCO, is developing and testing the ShakeAlert System for the U.S. West Coast, including the integration of GNSS data from real-time stations that are part of the Network of the Americas (NOTA). In addition, UNAVCO is leading the development of geodetic educational resources for ShakeAlert.

Since 2017, UNAVCO has been actively participating in testing and implementation for integration of GNSS data into the ShakeAlert system by upgrading to multi-constellation GNSS receivers and antennas as well as hardening the power systems and telemetry of 54 existing GNSS sites in California, Oregon and Washington. See the UNAVCO Highlight Incorporating Real-Time GNSS Data into the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System for more details on this project. UNAVCO has been awarded a new ShakeAlert Cooperative Agreement that builds on the successful completion of the 2017-2019 award that continues and expands on this scope.

In December 2019, UNAVCO staff member Shelley Olds joined the USGS ShakeAlert Communication, Education, and Outreach (CEO) project serving as the ShakeAlert Geodetic Education Resources Coordinator through an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Agreement. As part of the ShakeAlert Joint Committee for Communication, Education, and Outreach (JCCEO) and the Educational Resources Working Group, Olds is collaborating with team members to advance the development of geodetic-related science, engineering, and technology education resources that engage learners in a range of environments, from formal K-12 education to informal free-choice learning environments. The ShakeAlert JCCEO includes partners from IRIS, state agencies, academic partners in Washington, Oregon, and California, and other organizations.

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