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Topcon Net-G3 and Net-G3A Resource Page
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Last Updated
3rd of March, 2012

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Topcon Net-G3 and Net-G3A Resource Page

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Available as special buy
Available on loan
Serviceable at UNAVCO
File Size (24 hr, 15 s)
Time lasts recording at 15 s
Power draw w/ antenna
Time lasts on 18amphr battery
Topcon Net-G3




6.8 MB

up to 8 GB CF card

3.2 years

4 W

1.9 days

The Topcon Net-G3 is in use at several IGS sites.

  • No screen; LED lights indicate operating mode.

  • Tracks L1, L2, & L5 carrier, CA, L1 P, L2 P, L2C (GPS), L1, L2, & L5 carrier, L1CA, L2CA, L1 P, L2 P (GLONASS), E2-L1-E1, E5 (Galileo).

  • Data stored on removable compact flash card (up to 8 GB).

  • Native data format is .tps.

Topcon Resources

Software and Configuration Files

Online Discussion Forum

Firmware Files

How To's and FAQ

Visitor Comments
  1. Comment #1 (Posted by susilo )
    Could you give me how to integrating vaisala ptu303 with topcon Net-G3. Thanks you
  2. Comment #2 (Posted by susilo )
    How to configure topcon net g3 to streaming data using ethernet port? thanks
  3. Comment #3 (Posted by Guilherme Poleszuk )
  4. Comment #4 (Posted by Frederick Blume )
    As stated in the product brochure available from the links above, the Net-G3A does have an internal web server. The owners' manual contains details as to its use.
  5. Comment #5 (Posted by GPS Processor )
    Has UNAVCO tested firmware version 3.5 May,06,2010? Would be interested in #2 above as well.
  6. Comment #6 (Posted by Frederick Blume )
    We have just received Net-G3A receivers and are evaluating firmware 3.5 See the GRIL manual for instructions on setting up TCP streams.
  7. Comment #7 (Posted by Jim )
    The best method or configuration for streaming data out the serial port into a “Device Server” and out to an Ethernet port?
  8. Comment #8 (Posted by Chris )
    How I can configure topcon net g3 via PCCDU to streaming data using ethernet port? Thank you.
  9. Comment #9 (Posted by marco )
    Any positive feedback with commonly used CF cards? Suggested CF card insiede operator manual are all difficult to find.... Thank you
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