Campaign GPS/GNSS

This page covers resources for GPS/GNSS campaign surveys with portable equipment and includes static, rapid static/fast static, or kinematic data collection. UNAVCO can supply the full range of equipment, training, and field support for these surveys. Training may be provided at UNAVCO prior to the field project, or on-site at the beginning of a project. Technical support provided by UNAVCO included field engineering staff, custom tailored training to research field teams, technical consultation, software, and documentation.

UNAVCO maintains a pool of GPS/GNSS receivers and ancillary equipment available for community use. Investigators funded by NSF-GEO, NSF-OPP, and NASA receive the highest priority. This section contains an overview of the equipment and other resources available.

Working with UNAVCO

UNAVCO Campaign Investigator's Manual

General information, UNAVCO support procedures for both proposal preparation and field project data collection, and technical planning outlines for large scale GPS/GNSS projects.

Support Request Form

Use this online interface to request project support from UNAVCO.

UNAVCO Equipment Loan Agreement

Outlines the terms and responsibilities of borrowing equipment from UNAVCO; required to be filled out by the P.I. or designated project representative prior to borrowing UNAVCO equipment.

Planning a Campaign Survey

For a complete overview of executing a campaign survey from start to finish, check out our UNAVCO Campaign GPS Handbook:

Online resources are listed below.

Survey Style

GPS Data Collection Methods

A summary with brief explanations and comparisons of continuous, static, rapid/fast static, and post-processing and real-time kinematic data collection. Scientific needs and logistics will drive the survey style used.

Monumentation and Mounts

UNAVCO Resources: GNSS Station Monumentation

Geodetic monuments for GPS campaigns ensure that the surveyed point is directly coupled to the medium to be studied (e.g. solid earth, glacier ice). The marks are typically flush or near the surface for stability, minimal visibility, security, and low cost.

UNAVCO Resources: GNSS Antenna Mounts

An antenna mount is used to temporarily mount the GPS/GNSS antenna above the monument. Mounts include tripods, spike mounts, leveling mounts, or monument-specific mounts. In every case, the antenna must be precisely centered and leveled, and the antenna height above the monument must be measured or known.

Survey Documentation Forms

UNAVCO Monument Record Form (.pdf)

Document new or poorly documented survey monuments and markers.

UNAVCO Monument Visit Logsheet (.pdf)

Document a survey occupation.

General How-tos

GPS/GNSS Campaign Kits Available

Click on links below to learn more about each system and for access to equipment-specific campaign resources such as software and how-tos.

Trimble NetRS Campaign Kit UNAVCO's Trimble NetRS campaign GPS kit is ideal for long-term campaign installations but works for short-term installations as well. The NetRS receiver can be accessed via an http interface; data can be downloaded via ftp; and upwards of 7 years of data collected at a 15 second sample rate can be stored on the internal memory. Priority is given for NSF EAR-funded projects. Antenna mounts must be requested separately.
Trimble 5700/R7 Campaign Kit The Trimble 5700/R7 campaign GPS kit is UNAVCO's most commonly-used campaign kit. The 5700/R7 receiver is lightweight, low power, can run off internal batteries, logs data to a removable compact flash card, and can hook onto a range pole if desired. It is ideal for campaign and kinematic surveys and is also usable for long-term/permanent sites. 5700s and R7s require Trimble software running on Windows for programming. Two complete kits with real-time-kinematic (RTK) capabilities are available, one for polar programs and one for NSF EAR. Priority is given for NSF EAR- and NSF OPP-funded projects. Antenna mounts must be requested separately.
Topcon GB-1000 Campaign Kit UNAVCO maintains 100 Topcon campaign GPS systems in order to support portable GPS deployments funded by the NSF’s EarthScope Science panel. The systems have been designed for stand-alone temporary or semi-permanent deployment that will be used for densifying areas not sufficiently covered by continuous GPS and for responding to volcanic and tectonic crises. Six of the 100 systems are equipped with real-time kinematic (RTK) capability for such uses as rapid fault mapping and GIS-based geologic mapping. For EarthScope campaigns only. Antenna mounts must be requested separately.

Other GPS Receivers Available

The following receivers are also available on a limited basis from UNAVCO without a standardized accompanying campaign kit. Strengths and limitations are noted below.

Trimble 4800/5800/R8 Receiver and antenna in same unit. Low memory. Works well for fast-static surveys.
Trimble 4700 No memory, no internal batteries. Works well for permanent stations with reliable streaming or for surveys with a survey controller.
Trimble 4000 Low memory, high power consumption. Works well for permanent stations with reliable streaming and power.

Ancillary Equipment and Equipment Purchasing

GNSS Equipment List with Vendor Information

A list of additional equipment available on loan through UNAVCO and vendor information for scientists looking to buy their own components.

Data Processing

UNAVCO Resources: Data Processing Software

Different processing software is appropriate for different survey types. Outlines several data processing options.

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