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The GAGE Facility in Boulder, Colorado is the primary operational activity of UNAVCO, Inc. and exists to support university and other research investigators in their use of geodetic technology, e.g., Global Positioning System (GPS) and LiDAR, for Earth sciences research. The Facility performs this task by providing state-of-the-art geodetic equipment and field engineering support for projects, installing, operating and maintaining continuous GPS networks globally, undertaking new technology development and evaluation of commercially available products for research applications, and by archiving GPS data and data products for future applications.

The Facility is funded under multi-year grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Please see our FAQ, for answers to questions about how the GAGE Facility can serve you.

For information or help, e-mail supportunavco.org.


Request project support:

Use this interface to request support for a project or for equipment repair.


Use our knowledgebase to find technical information and documentation regarding equipment and engineering.

Engineering and Equipment

Campaign GPS/GNSS:
Static, fast-static, and kinematic campaign data collection techniques.

Permanent Station GPS/GNSS:
Installation, operation and maintenance of Permanent GPS Stations.

Equipment Testing:
The GAGE Facility tests receivers and antennas in support of UNAVCO Community equipment purchases.

Equipment Repairs:
UNAVCO provides GPS receiver repair services to help UNAVCO Members control costs and expedite repairs.

Equipment Purchasing:
As a benefit to members, UNAVCO establishes special pricing with a number of vendors who supply equipment to our community.

EarthScope Project

PBO Campaigns:
UNAVCO maintains 100 campaign GPS systems in order to support portable GPS deployments funded by the NSF's EarthScope Science panel. The systems have been designed for stand-alone temporary or semi-permanent deployment that will be used for densifying areas not sufficiently covered by continuous GPS and for responding to volcanic and tectonic crises.

PBO Nucleus:
The PBO Nucleus project seeks to incorporate the long time series of existing GPS networks into the measurement record of the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO), thus optimizing the scientific potential of the NSF funded Earthscope project.

PBO Permanent Network:
UNAVCO is building this geodetic observatory designed to study the three-dimensional strain field resulting from deformation across the active boundary zone between the Pacific and North American plates in the western United States. The observatory consists of arrays of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and Strainmeters which will be used to deduce the strain field on timescales of days to decades and geologic and paleoseismic investigations to examine the strain field over longer time scales.

The GeoEarthScope project provides support for EarthScope related imaging and geochronology activities.

NASA Geosciences:

NASA-JPL provides support for the GPS infrastructure through a network of permanent GPS stations called the Global GPS Network (GGN). The GAGE Facility supports the operation and maintenance of these critical components of the NASA-GGN efforts.

Polar Services:

High-precision geodetic technology support to the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs.

Remote Station Engineering:
Technology and systems for remote station instrumentation, power and communications in the extreme Polar environment

GPS Equipment and Technical Support:
Support documentation relevant to equipment pool.

LiDAR Equipment and Technical Support:
Support documentation relevant to equipment pool.

Polar Geodetic Data:
Access to permanent station data, geodetic benchmark information, and project meta-data.

GPS Base Stations:
Detailed user information for UNAVCO supported polar base station systems.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning:

UNAVCO support for LiDAR surface scanning.

Engineering & Support Services:
Project planning, proposal preparation, instrumentation and engineering support, and other services.

A national facility managed by UNAVCO to help geoscientists in obtaining high resolution and precision, 3D surface data.

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