Data Download & Transfer - Trimble Receivers
For firmware information, see UNAVCO's Trimble Firmware Information page or the Trimble Support pages.


Please check the Trimble support page for the most current Trimble software versions. Also, note that the following software packages may or may not work with certain USB-to-serial adapters. The UNAVCO Facility commonly uses the Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter when working with the Trimble R7 receiver, and the Belkin USB-to-serial adapter for the Trimble NetRS receiver.

  • Trimble RUNPKR00 program
    The Trimble runpkr00 program allows users to extract .DAT or .TGD files from R00/T00/T01/T02 files logged by Trimble GPS/GNSS receivers.  Note that for GNSS signals to be extracted from "Record Type 27" (RT27) files the "-g" flag must be added to the command line, which will produce a .TGD file.  Both .DAT and .TGD files can then be interpreted by teqc. See our knowledgbase for more information and downloads.

    *May be needed for older systems.

  • Trimble Data Transfer Utility [posted February 2010]
    The Trimble Data Transfer software transfers data from a range of devices to your PC, including: Trimble Survey Controller, Trimble Series 4000 and R/5000 receivers, Trimble 3300, Trimble 3600 (Elta, Geodimeter, TDS), Trimble 5600 (Elta, Geodimeter, TDS), Trimble Digital Fieldbook, DiNi Digital Level, Trimble Survey Pro, all Mapping and GIS data collectors, Nikon total stations (serial connections), and Trimble Business Center. [Windows v1.49]

  • Trimble GPS Configurator [posted December 2009]
    The GPS Configurator software lets you configure a survey-grade Trimble GPS receiver (e.g. 5700, R7) connected to your desktop or laptop computer running the Windows operating system. Use the GPS Configurator software to view the current receiver settings, check GPS information, change receiver settings in real time and load configuration files. [Windows v4.00]

  • Trimble Configuration Toolbox [posted July 2009]
    Trimble Configuration Toolbox provides the tools to configure Trimble 5700 and R7 GPS receivers. The configuration settings are stored in an application file (*.cfg). With Configuration Toolbox you can create and edit application files, transfer the files to and from your receiver, and manage the files stored in the receiver. Application files can be stored on both your receiver and computer. The receiver also stores two special applications files: Defaults and Current. These files represent the Trimble default (factory) configuration and the current receiver configuration, which, if a configuration file has been applied, is essentially a copy of that pre-determined configuration file. Multiple application files can be managed to represent multiple users sharing a device and/or multiple modes of operation. They may also be saved to audit the operating settings of a receiver. The number of total files that a receiver can store depends on the receiver type. For more information about the limitations on application file storage, refer to your receiver manual. [Windows v6.7.0] [UNAVCO standard configuration file]

  • Trimble Convert to RINEX Utility [posted April 2009]
    The Trimble Convert to RINEX utility converts Trimble GNSS measurement files in DAT, T00, or T01 format to RINEX version 2.10, 2.11, or 3.00 formats. The Trimble DAT or T01 files may include GPS L2C and GLONASS observations. See our knowledgbase for more information and downloads.

  • Trimble WinFlash
    WinFlash is a Windows-based utility to load new firmware onto a Trimble GPS receiver. Please note that some USB-to-serial adapters will not work with this program because they do not send a break. [Windows v1.153]

  • Trimble R-Utilities
    Note: No longer supported by Trimble. Trimble R-Utilities is a group of programs that permit remote control of certain Trimble GPS receivers. R-Utilities provide receiver configuration capability via direct serial, phone modem, and wireless radio protocols. The latest version of R-Utilities for Windows, LINUX, and Solaris should be able to translate R00, T00, and T01 files. (Please let us know if you encounter a problem by sending an email to support at unavco.org.) Note that the R-Utilities can not be used to download a NetRS GPS receiver, only to translate the T00 file acquired from the receiver.

    The following table gives the operating system and receiver types supported for each version of the software. Click on the version number to download.

    Operating System 4000 Rxs 4700 Rxs 5700 / R7   RHL 6.x RHL 7.x RHL 9.x
    Linux v2.55 (T00/T01/R00) x   x     x x
    Linux v2.51 x   x     x  
    Linux v2.42 x x     x    
    Linux v2.35 x       x    
    Solaris v2.53 x   x   n/a n/a n/a
    Windows v2.55 (T00/T01/R00) x   x   n/a n/a n/a

    [Trimble R-Utilities User Guide (pdf)]

  • UNAVCO LAPDOGS - Local Automated Process for Downloading of Global Sites
    UNAVCO has developed a set of perl programs and scripts to automate the downloading of Trimble receivers from UNIX platforms. At its core, this tool is meant to download data from a remote Trimble site to a computer, while supporting various communication strategies (radio modems, phone modems, direct connections). LAPDOGS utilizes the the Trimble R-Utilities in order to download, rename, and purge the data files from the receiver memory. [Unix/Linux v3.0a8]

  • Trimble GPLoad
    GPLoad v2.75 can be used to download files from a 4000 series Trimble receiver and includes functionality to transfer v7.5 Trimble Survey Controller files to your local PC. This enables users who have the Trimble Survey Office software to use data collected with the Trimble Survey Controller v7.5 software. Note: The Trimble Geomatics Office software does not use GPLoad. [Windows v2.75]

  • Trimble Remote Controller
    Provides virtual access to all functions on 4700, 4800, 4000, 4400, 7400 and MS 750 GPS receivers. Allows 4700 users to configure 1 PPS/Event Marker. [Windows v2.21] [User Guide]

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