UNAVCO maintains a suite of software tools for a wide variety of tasks, covering the GNSS suite of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, SBAS, Beidou-2/Compass, and QZSS. These tasks include field operation and data management, ranging from remote site PC software, receiver downloading, pre-processing (e.g. data translation), final processing, and scientific visualization. Some of these tools were written at the Facility, e.g. teqc and the UNAVCO IDV. Others tools, like the Berne or JPL translators, were developed elsewhere but are available though UNAVCO by agreement. Yet other tools are linked to as a service to the community.

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Data Download & Transfer

Getting data from GPS receivers to a computer or other hardware.

AOA TurboRogue
Ashtech Z-12 and micro-Z
Trimble Series 4000, 4700, 5700, R7 (no software needed for NetRS)
Other VSAT, LDM, etc.


Functions done to data prior to processing, such as translation, windowing, metadata editing, quality check, etc.

TEQC "translate, edit, quality check" GNSS data tool
Other Other pre-processing tools such as Hatanaka compression, clockprep, qcview, gt, and older translators from Berne and JPL, etc.


GAMIT/GLOBK/TRACK MIT's processing package
Bernese Berne's processing package
GIPSY-OASIS II JPL's processing package
TBC Trimble Business Center™ package
RTKLIB Open source RTK package
GPSTk University of Texas at Austin GPSTk C++ Libraries
RTNET GPS Source RTNET software

Online Processing

NASA APPS NASA's free online positioning service
NGS OPUS National Geodetic Survey's free online positioning service
CSRS-PPP Natural Resources Canada's free online PPP service


UNAVCO IDV UNAVCO "Integrated Data Viewer" for interactive investigation of modern, complex, high-volume 3D geoscience datasets

Remote PC Software

RedHat Linux x86 security patches, RPMs, etc. for RH 5.2, 6.2, 7.1, 7.3
Auxiliary utilities For Linux x86

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